Apps Built with Flutter ( Top App Development )

What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google’s mobile app SDK. It is complete with a widget, tools, framework that gives developers a secure method to develop or deploy an app with fast mobile apps responses. It helps to produce visually attractive apps design for both Android and iOS platforms.

Flutter ables you with natural cross-platform mobile app development. You don’t need to develop iOS and Android apps individually. All you need is to have a codebase for both platforms.

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Why Flutter?

From the developers of an app owner: Flutter speeds up the mobile app development process, helps your team to build wonder app user interface with quick animations, reduces the cost of app development and more. If talk about more deeply, Pulina Szklarska and Karol Wrotoniak also work with Flutter.

Apps Built with Flutter ( Top App Development )

7 Top benefits for mobile app owners;

Faster code writing

Flutter means faster and more dynamic mobile app development. You can make changes in the code to see straight away in the app. This is no doubt called the Hot reloaded workability, which usually only less than second to help teams to add multiple features, fix bugs and experiment faster.

One code for 2 platforms

You may need to put only one codebase for your 2 different apps. You may cover both Android and iOS platforms without any problems. It has its designs and widgets. Flutter has one-time codebase work for two platforms. More importantly, if you want to differentiate your apps, yes! You can.

Less testing

The Quality Assurance process could be faster. Just because of the codebase, the developers write an automatic test without any problem. Quality Assurance specialist has less work to do, as they have to check only one app. There is no need to test both platforms at one time.

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Faster apps

Flutter works fastly without any handing and cutting while browsing. If you want to understand it’s working, It is more than comfortable and fast. Working in terms of technical view is easy, fast and understood.

Designs whatever you will love

Flutter is purely designed to make more comfortable and accurate customization without any experience. You can browse a catalog for Flutter’s widget and view with Material Desing widget and Cupertino widgets.

Same app UI on older-age devices

If you attain your new app look, the old version look will be the same as iOS and Android systems. There is no need to cost for supporting old age devices. Flutter runs on old as old Jelly Bean or newer as iOS 10.

Perfect for MVP

Are you looking for an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) for your app to show your investors? Flutter is always perfect with all special and in little time.

Flutter – A short Overview

Flutter is an open-source framework that was created by Google in the year 2015. At that time, it was called “Sky”. The app has a cross-platform solution that means to develop apps without one codebase along with successful running. It also has a primary framework for Fuchsia ( A new Google operating system) which is planned to replace Android shortly.

Flutter (along with other cross-platform solutions) has a growing number of enthusiasts between developers. Because it’s smooth SDK ( Software Development Kit) offers you to craft an app thoughtfully. However, more complex in the market requires more additional support from the native developers.

Apps Built with Flutter ( Top App Development )

Pros & Cons of Flutter app development;

Despite the fact, Flutter is blessed by multiple hidden features. The framework has never been on the downside. The main benefit is to use codebase without any additional features.


  • Flutter offers you to build beautiful apps on Android and iOS using a single codebase.
  • The app is simple, fast, efficient, and time-saving with all solutions.
  • Flutter built-in widgets incorporate with all critical platforms such as navigation, icons, fonts, scrolling
  • with complete native performance.
  • It’s grown in development very quickly without any disturbance.


  • The community is still small in size.
  • The technology is not mature, well not even generally accepted for practices.
  • There are no libraries at the moment if you need to write more lines of code.

Here are 10 innovative apps that are built with Flutter. No doubt, exemplifying it’s potential to make native apps in different categories.

  1. Google Ads (Utility)
  2. Birch Finance (Finance)
  3. Cryptograph (Finance)
  4. SG BusTracker (Maps & Navigation)
  5. Hamilton Musical (Entertainment)
  6. Coach Yourself (Health and Fitness)
  7. Hookle (Social)
  8. Alibaba (eCommerce)
  9. Reflectly (Lifestyle)
  10. Watermaniac (Health & Fitness)
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