Download Rufus Portable (For Windows, Mac)

Rufus is an open-source portable application for Microsoft Windows. It can be used to format and create a bootable flash drive. Download Rufus Portable from the given link.

Rufus designed as a modern open-source replacement for the HP USB Disk Storage Format Tool for Windows. It can be primarily used to create DOS bootable flash drives.

The official release of Rufus was on Dec 11, 2011. The first time, it was supported by MS-DOS. Later versions introduced free DOS support and further ISO image support. Until 1.2.0. Two different versions were supported for MS-DOS and one for FreeDOS. UEFI boot support was added with version 1.3.2, and localization with 1.4.0 and Windows To Go with 2.0. Now, the latest version is supported by every Windows version.

Rufus is efficient, accessible, and superfast. The super-speed is more than UNetbootin, Windows 7 USB Download Tool, or Universal USB Installer. Rufus is no impressive when creating Linux bootable USB from ISO files. Download Rufus Portable from the below link.

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Rufus supports a massive variety of bootable .iso files, including multiple Linux distributions and Windows installation. It will install a bootloader like as SYSLINUX or GRUB onto the flash drive to render it bootable. Rufus offers the facility of MS-DOS or FreeDOS onto a USB drive. It supports formatting drives like FAT32, FAT, NTFS, exFAT, ReFS filesystems, and UDF.

Download Rufus Portable (For Windows, Mac)

Rufus may also be used to compute the SHA-1, SHA-256, and MD5 hashes of the currently selected ISO image.

Download Rufus Portable (For Windows, Mac) from the official link: Download


  • Open source program
  • Awesom for creating bootable USB disks
  • GPT/UEFI support is a lifesaver
  • Quick, reliable and effective


  • Hash sum info for installation file/data is not provided well

Our Review;

Rufus is a more straightforward program for creating a bootable ISO program. You can use it to format flash drives without making them bootable as well.

The essential one is the “create a bootable disk using” option right under format options.

You need to specify an ISO image for that task. Click on the browser button next to the given option and used it fro the local file browser to pick an ISO stored into it.

Rufus can display additional options. It identifies the images instantly. If you need to select a Windows installation ISO, for instance, you can get the opportunity to create a standard Windows Instattaion disk or setup of Windows to Go.

Quick Tip: The selected device will be formatted during the ongoing process. All content will be lost. So, please make sure to keep out your all-important data for further proceed. Only removable drives are listed under the device, so you cannot format one of the fixed drives.

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