Microsoft Office 365 Free Download and Install 2020

Microsoft Office 365 is well managed and developed cloud technology by Microsoft. You can access your documents without any error and hard access. Microsoft Office 365 is popular with all access to desktop applications, servers and supported with Macintosh OS X. Microsoft Office 365 Free Download and Install below.

The latest version is included with Microsoft SharePoint, Microsoft Lync, Microsoft Office Professional Plus, Microsoft Exchange, and relate web applications. If you are working in any small size firm, Microsoft Office 365 could be the perfect office friend of you. Microsoft Office 365 Free Download and Install have the sum of unique products to all types of users.

Microsoft Office 365 is ultimately included with good access to office software apps like Word, Powerpoint, OneNote, Excel and related. The refresh task panel is comfortable with all adoption of features. The GUI is simple but attractive with all rotating graphics, layouts, positions, resizing and more. It is supported by Windows Phones, Mac, Symbian Phones, iPhones, and Blackberry as well.

Microsoft Office 365 Free Download and Install 2020

No doubt, Microsoft Office 365 is an only product by Microsoft which offers great useability with all access to the internet. The sharing fields could be more secure with all, including private data. The applications are top-rated with all high ranking useability. Millions of users are getting benefits from Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365 is sufficiently impressive with all access to Cloud Storage and working email conversation. It keeps your work more secure and with web share points for teamwork. You may keep sharing your working files among multiple platforms.

Office 365 was first time published in Oct 2010 and available in June 2011. The version gives users a complete set of features with all excellent and useable working. Developers of Office 365 put special efforts to make it individual apart from other applications. The user experience could be enhanced with all professional levels. You may enjoy Microsoft Office 365 Free Download and Install from given secure links.

If you are a student in school, you may get Microsoft Office 365 for free. All you need is to put only your School Email address. Press this link to get it.

Try Office 365 for 1 month (free of cost). visit here:

Microsoft Office 365 Free Download from Microsoft

Click the official link:

How to install Microsoft Office 365?

Step 1: The above file you download is IMG files, so you need to extract it first.

Step 2: After extracting, click “Setup.exe” => Run

Or you may go to the “Office” folder.

You choose Setup32.exe if your Windows is 32 bit => Run
You want Setup64.exe if your Windows is 64 bit => Run

Microsoft Office 365 Free Download and Install

Step 3: Please wait to install Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 Free Download and Install

General System Needs:

  • All operating system is generally supported
  • 1 GHz processor is needed
  • 2 GB RAM
  • Resolution is required 1280 x 800
  • .NET 3.5 Framework


  • Powerful cross-platform
  • Productivity suite with Excel, Powerpoint, Word
  • Supported to Windows, OS X, iOS, Android, Browser-based version
  • Real-time collaboration in PowerPoint, Word
  • 1TB storage per user on the cloud


  • Its mobile version is slightly underpowered with the latest useability.

Our review about Microsoft Office 365;

Microsoft Office 365 is a chain of subscription services by Microsoft. The brand encompasses plans that offer to use the MS Office software suites over lifetime success. Moreover, cloud-based functionalities are fully supported with all business environments, such as Business Server, Skype, Hosted Exchange Server, SharePoint and related.

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Office 365 comes with a considerable number of products and professional services. All of Office 365 components are configured through Online Portal. The user could be able to add and import CSV files, with all kept to single sign-on with Active Directory using Active Directory Federation Service (ADFS). Moreover, the setup is featured with PowerShell Scripts.

Microsoft Office 365 is highly purposed for corporate users, as the successor to Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS). Office 365 is fully included with all multi types of businesses. All the plans are included with the respective program at no additional charges.

Overall, we suggest using Microsoft Office 365 for all your professional work with all professional’s workability of Office 365 as all professional gusts and useability surround it. Microsoft Office 365 is fully tailored toward Microsoft consumer services like OneDrive.

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