Microsoft Word Free Download and Activate 2020

Microsoft Word is a word processor developed by Microsoft. MS Word was initially released on 25 Oct 1993 under the banner of Multi-Tool Word for Xenix systems. Subsequent versions are further written for multiple platforms including Apple Macintosh, IBM PCs running DOS (1983), Classic Mac OS, AT&T Unix PC, Atari ST (1988), OS/2, SCO Unix (1994), macOS (Formerly OS X 2001) and Microsoft Windows (1989). Microsoft Word Free Download and Activate 2020 from below.

The commercial version of Microsoft Word is licensed under a standalone product or as a component of Windows RT, Microsoft Office or discontinued Microsoft Office Suites. Microsoft Word for Windows NT was the first released with the 32-bit version of the product. Microsoft Word for Windows NT was the same at the time as Windows 95. At that time, MS Word 6.0 was starting with Word 95.

Microsoft Word for Windows is available with a standalone Microsoft Office suite. It formally contains desktop publishing capabilities. This is the vastly used word processing program in the market. MS Word files are mostly used as a format for sending text documents via E-mails, Whatsapp, and other sharing resources. Word applications, word processor or a Word viewer, can be import in the Word format.

Microsoft Word Free Download and Activate 2020

Microsoft Word 2019 comes with more inner abilities. It offers many customizations of the Ribbon, file management, improved documents navigation, sorting, merging, copy & paste, printing adds a Backstage view, creation, embedding of screenshots, integrates with all Word Web Apps. Microsoft Word Free Download and Activate 2020 from below.

Microsoft Word 2019

ω For Windows 32 bit: ⇒ Download
ω For Windows 64 bit: ⇒ Download

How to install Microsoft Word for Windows

Step1: You extract that file you download.

Step 2: You open file setup.exe

Step 3: You tick:” I accept the term of this agreement” => “continue.”

Step 4: If you only want to install Microsoft Word, you choose “not available” Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Infopath… Then you click “install now.”

Microsoft Word Free Download and Activate 2020

Microsoft Word for Mac

Microsoft Word for Mac was the first time introduces on 24, Jan 1984. Microsoft introduces its first MS Word 1.0 for Mac operating system later in the year 1985. The MS-Dos, Windows, and Mac MS Word versions much different from each other. On the version (WYSIWYG) was used with GUI rather known to be as 1.0. There was not version comes out after version 1.0, but 3.0 on 31, January. 1987.

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MS Word 4.0 released on 6, Nov 1990. The added automatic linking with Excel was the quick ability to be counted. MS Word 5.1 for Mac released in 1992 on the original 68000 CPU. The first specifically designed was quick and awesom. The latest MS Word 6.0 was Windows Port and poorly used. MS Word 5.1 continued with vers last Classic MacOS. Most of the people to run MS Word without any hard features. Moreover, Microsoft Word for Mac is useful to access all old files using your Mac operating systems.

Microsoft Word Free Download for Mac

1. Word 2011: ⇒ Download

2. Word 2016;

• For Mac 16.15.0: ⇒ Download
• For Mac 16.14.1: ⇒ Download
• For Mac 16.14.0: ⇒ Download
• For Mac 16.13.1: ⇒ Download
• For Mac 16.12.0: ⇒ Download
• For Mac 16.11.0: ⇒ Download
• For Mac 16.10.0: ⇒ Download
• For Mac 16.9.0:   ⇒ Download

3. Word 2019;

• For Mac 16.28.0: ⇒ Download
• For Mac 16.27.0: ⇒ Download
• For Mac 16.26.0: ⇒ Download
• For Mac 16.25.0: ⇒ Download
• For Mac 16.24.0: ⇒ Download

Microsoft Word For iPad

Microsoft Word For iPad is the glorious tablet-based word processor. On the iPad Pro, using Apple’s Smart Keyboard, Microsoft Word For iPad is beyond any description. The full-scale word processing on a laptop is excellent with all advance features.

Tablets are still in demand from the ideal platform word processing. If you have an iPad, then you need to edit your documents without any additional program. Microsoft Word for iOS is your best choice. Microsoft keeps improving the mobile Office suite by the time. Adding more features in Microsoft Word For iPad are keep going. The version can open files in the OpenDocument format used by the LibreOffice and OpenOffice.

The app, which is runny on all iPhone, Android, and Windows Phone is awesom with available to iPad. The users of desktop word processing apps are essential with all useability. The tablets are far the best word processing iPad app. Working is worthy of all deserving.

Microsoft Word Free Download for Mobile

∠ For Android: ⇒ Download
∠ For iOS: ⇒ Download
∠ Microsoft Word Apk: ⇒ Download

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