?? WhatsApp For PC Free Download

WhatsApp For PC Free Download

WhatsApp is one of the reachable mobile application. It allows you to send and receive texts, pictures, voice messages, and videos. WhatsApp was first developed as a mobile application. Now, it is available for Windows as well. WhatsApp For PC Free Download from the below link.

You may download and install WhatsApp for Android, iPhone, Nokia, Blackberry, and Windows Phone. To receive and send messages from the app, you always need an internet connection.

Once you download the desktop app for your PC, just double click on the downloaded setup files. The interface may present it. All you need is to take your smartphone which has WhatsApp account, signed in your mobile version.

WhatsApp For PC Free Download

Now simply go to the options, click on WhatsApp web and quickly a QR scanner screen will appear on your mobile phone screen. Now just scan the QR code with all appeared on your computer screen. And yes! You are now signed in to your WhatsApp web with your free WhatsApp account.

WhatsApp for PC Free Download from given secure links. Supported for 32 bit and 64 bit PC.

WhatsApp For PC Free Download from this official link:Download

Download WhatsApp for given devices as well. ⇓

WhatsApp For Android Free Download from this official link:Download 

WhatsApp For Android from the official Google Playstore:  Download

WhatsApp For Apple Free Download from the official link: ⇒ Download


Official WhatsApp for PC is a freely PC app that allows you to stay in touch anywhere and anytime on your phone. You may send messages from desktop Windows PC easily. The app itself is similar to the Mobile WhatsApp app. There is no need to seek its use and functionality.

WhatsApp For PC Free Download

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The WhatsApp for PC offline installer program is excellent with error-free status. The app runs natively on your desktop. You’ll only have to support once to scan the QR code. Every time, you’ll have to scan QR for previewing and accessing your WhatsApp mobile app account on the Windows system.

Now keep in touch with your phone while sitting in an office, home and in the task. Send texts, voice messages, pictures, and videos directly from your compute screen. Nowadays, keeping in touch with your friends and family can be attained in a massive variety of methods.

WhatsApp for PC free download is a lightweight app that can help you connect with your friends in quick, efficient and reliable manners. It provides all vast selection of multiple functions.

Please do remember, to take benefit from WhatsApp for PC, and you must have WhatsApp account on your mobile devices.

How can I install WhatsApp on my PC?

  1. Open web.whatsapp.com on your PC using any web browser ( Edge, Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari, Brave, and related )
  2. Open WhatsApp application on your smartphone by tapping on it
  3. If you are in a chatbox, please navigate back and select Settings from the bottom menu
  4. Then select WhatsApp Web
  5. There will be a QR code on the computer screen
  6. Scan this QR code by your smartphone
  7. In just a second, WhatsApp will be opened on your PC screen
  8. Whenever you finish your work on the PC screen, don’t forget to log-out from the three-dot menu above the chat list
  9. Click on Log out option at the bottom of the list

WhatsApp Desktop for PC Features

  • Group Messaging
  • Voice Calls
  • Fast Communication
  • Free of Cost
  • Send Documents
  • A great native App
  • Free messaging
  • Default for Security
  • Share Everything
  • Connected with Mobile
  • Compatible with Windows
  • Scanning of QR Code
  • Use of Webcam & Microphone


  • It is free to use
  • Secured with end-to-end encryption
  • Tied with your mobile phone number
  • Fast to download
  • Group and individual chats
  • Test virus-free


  • Facebook data concerns
  • Doesn’t have every feature from the mobile version

What is WhatsApp Messenger?

WhatsApp Messenger or simply called WhatsApp is a cross-platform messaging service with Voice over IP service owned by Facebook, Inc. It offers every user to send text messages, share images, documents, locations, and other media. Although, WhatsApp Messenger was the copyright of someone other, some years before Facebook officially owned WhatsApp Messenger.

WhatsApp For PC Free Download

What is the WhatsApp used for?

WhatsApp used for your phone conversations. It works with your internet connection. WhatsApp facilitates voice calls, texts, video calling, and file transferring. It is excellent for families, small collaborations, workgroups, and friends. The apps let you enjoy you all life moments, traveling share, photos, documents, files, and secret folders.

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Features WhatsApp

  • The facility of voice calls is awesome
  • The fastest app for desktop & Mac
  • Free calling and messaging
  • The group calling and messaging
  • The default for security features
  • Sharing of every precious moment
  • Fast and secure method of communication
  • Send files up to 100 MB
  • Work as a quick and native application
  • Use of microphone and webcam

Bottom Line;

WhatsApp for PC is an easy to use PC app. It offers you to keep in touch with mobile application app serving. As we know, WhatsApp Messenger is a great and trustable app to use for great conversations.

You may send texts, messages, voice messages, pictures, and more. If privacy is the primary concern, you would need to consider messaging app not tied to Facebook. Rather it is okay!

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