How to get the latest version of Windows 10 from Microsoft (Easy Guide)

Windows 10 is an accessible and essential featured operating system. It was released on July 29, 2015. After release, the entire world moved to this fantastic operating system. Windows 10 comes with an excellent working framework with all desirable editions. How to get the latest version of Windows 10 from Microsoft read the below method.

Windows 10 is a beneficial, carefree, and eco-friendly operating system. It is sustainable with all types of devices. Windows 10 provides excellent support for tablets, iOs devices, laptops, and Windows phones. By the passage of time, Windows 10 becomes the first preference of every developer.

How to get the latest version of Windows 10 from Microsoft

How to get the latest version of Windows 10 from Microsoft?

Step 1: Download media creation tools from the Microsoft page ( Download and follow instructions. )

Step 2: After completion, open this tool

Step 3: Read carefully all terms and conditions and press Accept

Step 4: If you are using an old version of Windows and try Upgrade to Windows 10. Just select “Upgrade PC Now” Option. For getting a real copy of Windows 10 image, select the second option, “Create Installation Media( USB flash drive, DVD, CD, ISO file) for some other PC.”

Step 5: Untick the recommended options with a selection of language, edition, and the architecture as per your need.

Step 6: If you are looking for creating Windows 10 bootable USB, plug in a USB drive(must be 8Gb space) into your PC and select USB Flash Drive Options.

Note: The download process moves might runs slowly. It consists of your internet speed.

After some are waiting for about 12-15 minutes, Process succeeded.

For any query, please leave your question in the comment section below.

Overview of Windows 10:

Windows 10 ables you to adopt a creative method to the user operating system. It is most desirable for all IT professionals. Every latest version of Windows 10 becomes more trustable and valuable. The game lover took full benefit using Windows 10, all admired set of features.

Windows 10 is acceptable with the status of up to 400 million users. The built-in Office suites with updated editions are prominent with all skilled and novice users.

Windows 10 Editions List:

  • Windows 10 Professional
  • Windows 10 Professional N
  • Windows 10 Education
  • Windows 10 Education N
  • Windows 10 S
  • Windows 10 Home
  • Windows 10 Home Single Language
  • Windows Pro N for Workstations
  • Windows 10 Professional Workstation
  • Windows 10 Home Country Specific
  • Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation
  • Windows 10 Enterprise N
  • Windows 10 Enterprise
  • Windows 10 Enterprise G

Recently Added Functions:

  • Start Menu
  • Task View
  • Cortana:
  • Notifications
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Tablet and Desktop mode
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