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What is Kinedu?

Kinedu is a fantastic application with fun and age-based daily activities, ideas, and targets. Each exercise targets the main development area with helping of baby reach and milestone—Kinedu Baby App Free Download from below.

Kinedu is freely available to download for free for Android and iOS. Somehow, the user also needs to subscribe to its premium to unlock all potential activities.

The application works with daily updates. The activities are done for your baby from pregnancy to baby’s first birth year. Each day, Kinedu gives you new ideas with early activities. It boosts the baby’s development with all helping factors.

Kinedu App

Experts in child development create it. Kinedu gives you 1,000+ activities, health-related articles, milestone information, personalized activity, parenting tips, to create an excellent foundation for your baby’s development. Kinedu Baby App Free Download from below.

Each event is always accomplished by easy to follow short videos. That offers you to get a grasp of the business at hand quickly.

If you are pregnant, Kinedu will give you all pregnancies report day by day. It explores all activities, along with suggestions. The personalization of daily activity sets keeps more challenging as your baby grows by the time.

You plan always be bet to work with the right skill at the perfect time in favor of a kind child’s development periods and baby’s sensitivity.

You may subscribe to Kinedu as a premium member via a monthly, and auto-renewing in-app subscription. You might also subscribe to Kinedu through a one-time payment with a yearly or a lifetime subscription.

The monthly subscription is priced at 9.99 USD. The annual subscription is priced at 89.99 USD.

Kinedu: Baby Developmental Activities & Milestones

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Kinedu is based on the latest finding from leading researches in the field of child development. This finding proves the importance of secure attachments. It creates through serve and returns the relationship between a child and caregiver.

Kinedu works with four main areas: linguistics, cognitive, physical, social and emotional development. Never run out of the ideas to find perfect playtime activity in its Catalog. Our education experts write 300+ articles and slideshows. You may get a clear picture of your baby’s overall progress with each work and in each development area.

Becoming a new parent is the most beautiful and rewarding role in life. But, with every new job, everyone needs a roadmap, job description, and limitations. There is no instruction in Kinedu but some manual methods to be a parent.

Kinedu Baby App Free Download

No doubt, a new little bundle of joy is marvelous in the world, but adorable only makes parents more superb with all-new emotional decorum. No matter, if it is a first baby or fifth.

There is no application to tell you how to handle and raise your emotional ability for your new experience. Kinedu helps every parent to peace of mind. It comes with thoughtful attention and relaxation.

Each day, the parent will notice the newborn or developing baby reports without any risk. Most of the time, parents might wonder about helping all the material of Kinedu.

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The app provides users with all types of exercises to simulate their newborn babies. It enables you to notice and improve cognitive, linguistics, sensory and motor skills.

The exercises come with a short video to instruct the parent. The activities are new every day with many options to do back and keep practicing all the relevant skills.

This includes tracking the baby feedings like bottles, later solids, breastfeeding, diapers, sleep, and medication. Glow baby feature also gives customized insights based on the baby’s milestone and rather developments. Expecting mother’s probably natural Glow of baby’s. Kinedu makes it possible.


  • Free to use
  • Over 500 milestones
  • Over 700 activities
  • Many different features
  • Video instruction
  • Family and friend share
  • Tracks for viewing accomplishments
  • Seasons for brain building moments
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