KukuKlok: Online Alarm Clock

KukuKlok is one of the famous online Alarm Clock. If you have a habit of falling too much asleep during work and you want to change it. Or you are looking for a great online alarm clock. Then, the KukuKlok alarm clock is one of the best options. KukuKlok works online and offline both. The alarm clock is supported by Windows, Mac, and Android as well. You can take full benefit from using KukuKlok.

KukuKlok is a neat and clean online alarm clock. You can quickly set alarms for your specific work. No registration is required at all. You may set the time, choose one of the suggested alarm clock sounds and more so. Once the alarm is to be fixed, make sure that your internet browser remains an option to form an online installation program.

The site and GUI are most comfortable and beautiful. Even newbie can use this tool with all ease. Moreover, the Swiss-made this online alarm clock for free of cost. Kuku Alarm is perfect for you. Although they showed ads to earn revenue.

Download KukuKlok Online Alarm Clock from the official websiteDownload

KukuKlok: Online Alarm Clock


  • Online alarm clock program for web and mobile gadgets as well
  • Choose in-between multiple alarm tunes
  • No registration is required at all
  • Simple and easy to use program
  • Easier for every newbie internet user

How to set up a free alarm clock online?

To set the alarm, quickly click on the + & – button to fix hours and minutes. The alarm clock doesn’t have 12 hours version, as it uses only 24 hours version. Then you need to select in alarm sound with the concept of 24 hours parameters.

For that use the back and forth button to choose the sound and then click on the Preview button to play alarm sounds. Now click on Set Alarm button.

The online alarm clock has a classic timepiece, electronic, cockerel, military trumpet, alien invasion sounds, and heavy metal guitar. It is one of the soundest online alarm with all features of awakening up even dead man.

Work Offline, as well.

The developers have claimed all the cases. The user can set the alarm without any internet connection. Even then, KukuKlok will work as usual and sounds the alarm. You may quickly silence the alarm by pressing the Space Bar from your machine keyboard.

If you are looking for late at night, you can use the night mode button. It will change the design to make your screen at night.

So, KukuKlok online alarm is one of the best programs for lazy guys. It is one kind of online alarm clock with all lovely and attractive user interface. More importantly, KukuKlok is not a virus, and it is entirely free from a virus and other threats. So, use KukuKlok for a better lifestyle.

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