PC App Store Download

PC App Store is a freeware app that exists under computer utilities. It is available for Windows and Baidu. PC App Store Download the below link.

PC App Store is a vast platform presented by Baidu. It is viable to install, uninstall, update, download, and search for different apps in one place. PC App Store works for free.

You can access directly to the search engine using this program. It is easy to install and download all official apps with the help of the PC Play Store. Updates could be later updates.

PC App Store Download

PC App Store is a quick, trustable and online giant Baidu contribution. It helps users all around the world. One can quickly, easily, and truly discover anything without any hectic search. With the user interface, the user can take full benefit with seasoned PC technicians.

PC App Store represents all excellent methods to maintain and populate your suites of Windows applications. If you need to simplify the life of thousands of apps, PC App Store always incorporates featured Uninstaller tools with all automatic removal.

With built-in management tools for downloading, sorting, installing, updating, and solvency is easy. Besides, PC App Store is categorized as ( desktop background tools, CD/DVD tools, office applications, educations, security tools, desktop apps, browsers, system utilities, video, and audio apps ).

The apps can also easily download as freeware, demo, and for commercial video games.

PC App Store Download from Publisher Website (Freeware)Download

The software store runs quietly in the background. It detects outdated apps with the presently new one. Log of all your actions in the Baidu App Store is saved on your PC local storage.

It able you with a secure method to view your all previous activity. PC App Store can be beneficial with all full and determined stabilities. There are many in-build solutions to solve all PC crushes.

Does Windows 10 have an app store?

Yes! Windows 10 comes with built-in apps. It can help you to stay in touch, socialize, share, view, listen to music, organize music and more. You can easily find more apps in the Windows store. If further need to have PC apps, you might use the PC App Store.


The program can be installed in a few seconds on all types of Windows versions. It can efficiently run on an old PC configuration. PC App Store does not require additional computer resources.

PC App Store Download


The user interface is smooth and straightforward. The main dashboard screen has multiple features to use. Hot Apps, the list has the most downloaded apps and easy access to the search functions. The separated Game Center can find gaming apps.

Navigation via the apps can be done using Search Bar on the top, with 5 main Tab icons. Those given tabs are Wallpapers, Update, Game Center, Home, and Uninstall. The update portion always provides a newer version.

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  • Discover, install, keep up to date, manage and uninstall PC apps with all ease
  • All in one place for all your needed software program
  • Secure app marketplace
  • Discover trusted and award-winning apps
  • All listed apps are tested for quality
  • Get notification automatically when new apps launched

Key Features

  • Latest Updating System
  • Fast Access to Chinese Apps
  • Fast Downloading
  • Safe and Secure
  • Frequently Download version
  • Compatibility of Software
  • Use of Credit Card
  • Use of Changelog
  • Free Applications
  • Free of Malware or Viruses
  • Automatic Scanning
  • Quick Uninstalling
  • Free Entertainment
  • Easy to Use Interface

Main Features

  • Use of changelog is amazing
  • Changing of wallpapers automatically
  • Use of credit card for premium services
  • Quick access to Chinese apps
  • Fast uninstalling function
  • Attractive and smooth interface
  • Fast access to Chinese apps
  • Free apps for entertainment
  • Safe from malware and viruses
  • Compatibility with any type of app
  • Automatic fast scanning of all files
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